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With vast industry knowledge and a passion to help, we will walk you through the options to assist with the repair and maintenance of your most treasured pieces. From ring resizing to heirloom refurbishment we honour the sentimental importance of your jewellery.
Reach out for an appointment or contact us with your service enquiry.


Care for your Precious Pieces

We offer a vast range of jewellery repairs including cleaning, resizing, setting repair and gemstone replacement. 

We also work with insurance companies to assist with supplying valuations or quotes for insurance claims. 


Sentimental Remodelling

Do you have a piece of jewellery you no longer wear, worn thin or of dated design?
We can use your old pieces of jewellery to re-design into sentimental pieces you can once again love and enjoy wearing.
Reach out to make a bespoke remodelling appointment today.


Heirloom & Antique Refurbishment

The craftmanship and detail in antique jewellery is something we cherish at JLK Artistry and take great pride in restoring for the generations to come.
We are proud to honour your families most treasured Heirlooms with a full range of refurbishment services.

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